Best Wintertime Face Masks

I’m a sucker for a good face mask and always looking for new ones to try. I’ve been doing face masks ever since I was in high school, and I’ve built up quite a collection of my favorites. I try to do a mask 1-2x a week depending on what I feel like my skin needs. Here are the top 5 face masks I use regularly:

  1. Mario Badescu Healing & Soothing Mask: This mask is AMAZING. I have super sensitive skin, and this is one that doesn’t irritate my skin at all. It’s great for when I’m having a breakout, or when my skin is feeling oily (I have combination skin). It lightly hydrates my skin while absorbing the excess unwanted oil. My skin isn’t usually oily in the winter, but when it is this is my go to mask.


  1. Kiehl’s Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask: This is great mask for when my skin is feeling dry (mostly in the winter). It’s gentle formula helps soothe my skin. I like to use it at night because it’s super calming. I’m also a sucker for the whole calendula line from Kiehls (facewash, toner).


  1. Kiehl’s Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask: This mask is perfect for when you’re skin is feeling dry. It’s also part of my winter skincare routine (which I’ll be talking more about in an upcoming post). The whole purpose of this mask is to boost your skin’s ability to hold moisture for longer periods of time. You will wake up with super smooth and supple skin!


  1. Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask: This mask literally changed my life. I got a sample of it from Nordstrom’s and I can honestly say after one night I felt a difference in my skin. So, I obviously purchased the full size. It’s pricey, not La Mer pricey, but definitely worth the $$ (I mean, it’s under $100 so it’s justifiable, right?). It’s moisturizing but also lifts and firms your skin while you sleep.


  1. Fresh Rose Face Mask: This is another mask that I got a sample of from my VIB points at Sephora and instantly fell in love. It’s by the same brand as the Black Tea mask (above), but it’s less expensive. It’s infused with real rose petals, which makes it smell amazing. I like to use this mask when I feel like I look tired because it makes my skin look and feel really radiant. It’s moisturizing and toning all at the same time.


Hope you guys love these masks as much as I do. I’m looking forward to trying new ones in the spring and summer!

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