My Winter Skincare Routine

If you’re reading this and you don’t know me personally, you should know that I’m completely obsessed with skin. I’ve been getting so many skin questions lately, whether it’s what I’m using or what I recommend, I hope this post can help lead you in the right direction. My skin is something that I invest a lot of time and money in because I want to keep it healthy, and I’m all for self-preservation.

I believe in investing in quality products like cleanser, exfoliators, eye creams, serums, moisturizers, Botox/filler (in moderation), organic food and anything else that contributes to healthy and beautiful skin. I know it’s not always a priority for some people, but I try and budget to make it one. My skincare routine is very regimented, and you better believe that even on the latest night out I NEVER sleep with my makeup on (like I did in college sometimes…)! That being said, the products I’m about to go over with you work for ME, but everyone’s skin type is different.

It’s wintertime in New England, so what I’m using on my skin really depends on the weather. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I have combination/sensitive skin. In the winter, my skin is pretty dry, and in the summer it’s oily (mainly in my T-zone).

  1. Prior to doing anything to my face, I always start by removing all of my makeup. For that, I use a drugstore makeup remover that you can purchase at your local Ulta or CVS. Aveeno’s Ultra Calming Makeup Removing Wipes work great for me. It’s formulated for sensitive skin and is oil-free.
  2. After I take off all of my makeup, I cleanse. The cleanser I use is Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. This product contains Glycerin, which is great for helping the skin retain moisture and feel soft. This is also formulated for sensitive skin and is paraben free.
  3. Once or twice a week after cleansing, I exfoliate my face and lips. Exfoliating your skin gets rid of dead skin cells that appear on the skins surface. It’s important to exfoliate clean skin so that you get the best results. Over-exfoliating your skin can lead to irritation and inflammation, which can lead to premature aging. For my face, I use M-61 Vitablast C Scrub and Mask. If you leave it on your face for 1 minute, you’ll get optimum results. For my lips, I use Eco Lipscrub in Vanilla Bean, which I picked up at Whole Foods. It’s made with actual sugar, so it tastes good on your lips. (Tip – In the winter I have SUPER chapped lips. For lip care in the winter I wear Lip Medex by Blistex to bed every night. It seems to work the best for me).
  4. Following cleansing or exfoliating, I use the Ultra Facial Toner from Kiehl’s. I don’t think that toners are necessary for everyone; I’m not a dermatologist by any means, but I think toners are good for people who get clogged pores. I wear a full face of makeup everyday (minus Sunday and Monday) and I work out 5-6 days a week, so I really like to take all steps necessary to keeping my pores small and clean. If you’re acne prone, toners are a must. It acts as an extra step of cleansing (removes excess dirt, oil, makeup etc.)
  5. My next step also isn’t necessary for everyone, but I use a serum for both my face and under eye. I feel like it brightens my skin, and hydrates it on a deeper level than just using moisturizer. At night only, I use Laura Mercier’s Repair Eye Serum. I only use it at night layered under my eye cream because I don’t feel like I need this twice a day. It’s an anti-aging eye serum that brightens and firms the under eye. For my face, I use the M-61 Vitablast C Serum; it includes active ingredients like vitamin c, e and gallic acid.
  6. After serum I apply my eye cream and moisturizer. Every morning and night (on top of eye serum) I use Clinique’s All About Eyes. It’s a super lightweight cream that helps diminish the appearance of my genetic under-eye circles. It’s not greasy and wears fine under makeup. For moisturizer in the morning, I use Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream. I use this during the day because, well duh, it’s called day cream. It’s also SPF 20, which is great because I always like to have SPF on my face, whether it’s in my moisturizer, makeup, or setting spray (SUPERGOOP). This day cream also wears great under makeup. At night, I rotate between a few depending on how my skin is feeling. Sometimes I sleep in an overnight mask (Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Mask – for when my skin is extremely dry or Fresh Black Tea Overnight Firming Mask – usually once or twice a week. Both of these masks I talked about in this post). The two moisturizers I rotate between when I’m not sleeping in a mask are both by Kiehl’s – either Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream or Kiehl’s Ultra Deep Moisture Balm. The moisture balm is extremely thick and should only be used on very dry skin. I won’t use this more than once a week.

I follow these steps in the morning and at night (unless I said differently for certain steps above). If you’re looking to improve your skin, you have to be open to trying new things and sometimes having them fail. You need to be patient, results don’t usually happen overnight. The products and routine above is what works for me, and that doesn’t mean it’s going to work for everyone else. When you do find something that you like and that works, stick to it and be consistent. I’m always trying new products, but when I find something that works with my skin, I generally tend to stick to it. Similar to how I feel about hair products, for skin care, I don’t really believe in “dupes” (like makeup). If you want good results, you need to invest in good skincare.

Additional tips I can give you that won’t cost you any money: Drink a TON OF WATER and STAY OUT OF THE SUN. Laying in the sun may look good for now, and dehydrating yourself may not seem like such a big deal, but wait 10 years. You will be sorry!! #crepeyneck #wrinkles #SKINCANCER #fuckcancer!!!

To simplify this, here is the order in which I do my routine:

  1. Remove makeup
  2. Cleanse
  3. Exfoliate (once or twice a week)
  4. Tone
  5. Serum
  6. Moisturizer/Eye cream

I hope you all enjoyed this and found it helpful. Please comment below or DM me on Instagram with any questions!

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